Bastet is a jewellery brand infused with soul. Its passion for history, magic, and the mystical nature drives to create truly unique pieces, carefully considering the properties of stones, symbolism, and the use of high-quality metals.

Many of the pieces are crafted in collaboration with local artists in Barcelona, while others are curated from various corners of the world. They travel far and wide to handpick the finest handmade jewellery, bringing you a very special collection.


Luana Barkert

She is Brazilian and has been living in Barcelona for three years. With a degree in fashion and a postgraduate degree in marketing and branding, she has participated in several events and fairs related to the jewellery creation field in Brazil, often alongside her mother, a jewellery designer.

As a child, she made beaded bracelets to sell at school and to wear in the summer. Despite these early ventures, her career in jewellery began by chance in Barcelona. Encouraged by the owner of the shop where she worked, she started creating and then selling her designs. As she watched the success of her creations gradually increase, she decided to take the project more seriously, dedicating 100% of her time to developing Bastet.

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