Nena Barcelona

NENA is more than just a clothing brand.

Nonconformance – You don’t want to wear the same as everybody else. Every item at NENA is unique and numbered in its series, e.g., 1/25.

Extravagant – Never hold back. Be unapologetically you. NENA wants you to feel powerful and fearless in your own skin with reconstructed fashion designed to flatter all body types. Our sizes range from XS to XXL.

Nomadic – Wander out of the familiar and into the new. NENA’s garments are genderless, welcoming a style that everyone can enjoy.

Avant-garde – At the forefront of design, NENA is here to push boundaries in style and practice. They're constantly seeking the latest innovations in sustainable fashion and experimenting to find what's next.


Cindy Goudsblom

Nena’s founder Cindy Goudsblom always loved buying second hand from a young age and experimented with upcycling pieces to develop her own style. It felt natural, when she became commercial director in discount fashion, to pursue sustainable solutions for collections. ‘Fast fashion’s’ focus on quantity and price, however, frustrated her as this always superseded true sustainability. Inspired by the creative souls of Barcelona, Cindy left her life in Holland to pursue her passion project. To use her creativity for good. To create beautifully crafted pieces, that are sustainable and celebrate true individuality. In January 2022 Nena was born. "

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