Ulana's designs combine preloved elegant fabrics with a punky-sportswear aesthetic, making her designs versatile and enabling her creations to be unisex. Her vision is always to produce fashion statements with an eco-conscious mind. All of her designs are made with vintage, preloved, locally sourced fabrics to reduce waste and help aid in more sustainable living. Ulana has become known for using delicate vintage lace fabrics in her designs but also experiments with prints and textured fabrics along with contrasting metal hardware, which is a signature detail in her creations.


Ulana Dee Kejzerko

British-Ukrainian designer Ulana Kejzerko, born in Leicester, England, graduated from Middlesex University in London with a BA Hons degree in Fashion Design. She is now based in Barcelona, Spain.

Ulana is passionate about sustainable fashion, keenly aware of the fashion industry's significant negative impact on the environment. She views maintaining a sustainable brand as a positive challenge. By leveraging her innovative design skills and adept pattern cutting, Ulana creates fashionable clothing from preloved fabrics, focusing particularly on vintage lace and other delicate materials. Her designs blend the light, feminine qualities of these fabrics with punk and sportswear influences, forging a unique fusion of style and substance.

Ulana's brand goes beyond simply crafting garments; it aspires to make a meaningful impact. Her goal is to produce sustainable, ethically crafted pieces while also raising awareness about diverse eco-friendly practices. As the brand continues to evolve, Ulana envisions a dynamic future where wearable art merges with a platform for collaborative design efforts, eco-conscious, and social discussions.

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